translations CE provides translation services from English/German into all Eastern and Central European languages. Our location in the centre of Europe is a great advantage and allows us to create translations that perfectly meet our clients’ requirements. All our translators are highly qualified, have extensive experience in this sector and are native speakers of the language they translate into. This also applies to our proofreaders and editors, who subsequently review the translations. Thanks to these factors, we are capable of assuring use of the correct terminology, the natural appearance of the entire text and we are able to stay abreast with current language trends in specific countries.

Each project is managed by one of our trained coordinators, who chooses the best and most suitable translators for the specific task on the basis of several key factors in order to achieve the highest possible quality. The coordinator also monitors adherence to all deadlines and the resulting project quality, and ensures that all communication with clients and suppliers takes place smoothly, effectively and professionally.

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