CAT tools

Although computers may be increasingly effective and efficient, they are nowhere near to replacing the human factor in translation processes. And even though a number of high-quality translation tools (CAT) have appeared in recent years, they are not intended to replace translators and coordinators, but to help them improve processes when creating and reviewing translations. These tools include, for example, the TRADOS program. This program provides a so-called “translation memory”, which can be used to ensure consistency throughout the entire project because it “remembers” and subsequently proposes the correct translation every time a specific term or phrase appears.

Programs with translation memories are invaluable for specific types of projects and are currently frequently used throughout the entire translation sector. All our translators and coordinators know very well how to use these valuable tools to best effect. Members of our team, equipped with this knowledge and an enthusiasm for their work, are therefore capable of managing even large and complicated projects, which require a translation memory (TM) to be shared over the internet and with clients.

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