Our team

Věra Šrámková

Senior project manager


As the oldest team member, I can offer an experienced insight of issues. I enjoy cracking all types of professional nuts and I appreciate being able to use my enthusiasm for languages even without the relevant language studies. My sense for detail, meticulousness, ability to make decisions, etc., are natural elements of this package. In private I enjoy talking to my cat and becoming engrossed in films without any consequences.

Martina Benešová

Senior project manager


Every day, my linguistic and German philology studies, my ability to make decisions quickly, my sense for detail and also my global viewpoint of any issue, help me resolve any challenges I encounter professionally.

Ilona Procházková

Project manager


I use my linguistic skills every day when reviewing texts, and endeavour to meticulously assure the quality of Czech translations. But as a qualified Anglicist I also enjoy communicating in English. In my free time I clear my head by wandering over hills with a rucksack, or cycling.

Vanda Mračková

Project manager


I enjoy getting to know and learning new things. I like how diverse and complex this job is – it is impossible to become bored. My current tasks are chiefly preparation of materials for translators. My hobbies are computer games, drawing, reading, comics and listening to good music.

Tomáš Herodek

Project manager


I enjoy this job because the results of our work are evident and you can see them in everyday life, and also because I work on something that has a purpose. The projects are also very varied so I practically never do the same work twice, but always encounter something different.

Daniela Pfannová

Project manager


I am the youngest member of the team and mostly help review translations. I enjoy my work because I can use the linguistic skills I acquired during my German language studies at university.

Jan Frömmel

Project manager


I enjoy working with languages, particularly with English, which I frequently come into contact with and can continue perfecting. I also enjoy having the opportunity to learn new things and skills. My hobbies include computer games, history and technology.

Barbora Kročková

Administrative assistant


I am in charge of administration and invoicing. I handle the running of the office and also arrange corporate events. I enjoy devoting my free time to my son, long walks with the dog, and I am enthusiastic about the H.E.A.T. programme.

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